Men at work

Tivicat is a well appreciated working platform by professionals
Production teams can bring onboard all the necessary electronic equipment to send live images to the mainland (Audi Medcup, AC45, Volvo Ocean Race..)
Professional camera and filming teams appreciate the stability of the platform. The hulls are so thin they do not create any disturbances in the water for the racing yachts which enables the boat to approach them very closely without disturbing their racing.
From Tivicat both camaramen and photographers can enjoy a wide variety of shooting angles: from the water level hulls up until 4 meters above water on the platform while having their equipment sheltered from water. The sitting area also enables them to sit comfortably and start editing before even reaching dryland.
Journalists and commentators also appreciate being in the heart of the action and the 360° view enables them to not miss any of the spectacle!
Our experienced skipper knows perfectly where to be right into the action for our guests onboard and manages to get them just where it all happens so they can enjoy the racing at its best.